May 6, 2010

Nice Hair

Nice tunes:

James Vincent Mcmorrow

Nice flapjacks:

Although I added some hazelnuts



May 5, 2010

I love older people, I love their stuborness, their stories, their bluntness. I often feel I’m drawn to them, their faces, their lines, their dress sense. I enjoy their company, their stories…sometimes I wish myself to 50 years time when I have earned my badge of honour with years gone-by. I’ve got my favourites, the ones with a bit of divilment in them. The ones with the smiley eyes and quick wit. The ones that pull you to a halt at the local shop to tell you “what a shame it is about Jerry Ryan” or “what do you think of this volcano?”. The ones not embarrassed by conversation with strangers.

Bealtaine is a month long festival celebrating creativity in older age, I’d heard about it briefly through another friend in passing, when she’d mentioned the Dust Your Old Trumpet Off concert. But thinking about Vidal Sassoon (previous post) I remembered to check it out.

Creativity does not stop as we age, and Bealtaine aims to engage older people in the arts again through active participation in music, theatre, art and other creative projects. The festival runs 1-30th May, and I for one can’t wait to check out some of the divilment.

Vidals Back

May 5, 2010

The last time I went for a serious change in haircut, I brought in a storyboard of Vidal Sassoon creations. I was looking for something dramatic, something short,something with strong lines, feminine, but dramatic. Vidal does all of this. In an interview with Dazed Digital Sassoon says about hair and design:

“Architects cut great shapes into cities and I wanted to cut great shapes into the bone structure.”

Vidal certainly did cut some amazing shapes, with the Mary Quant cut transcending generations to still inspire. At 82 Vidal is still working, just finished filming “Vidal Sassoon the movie” he’s now working on his autobiography. We live in hope of finding a personal hairdresser with the talent and sympathy for face aesthetic that Vidal possessed!

Tuesday after a bank holiday, think we all might need a bit of loving!