Hypnotic Sugar

April 20, 2010

Volcanic eruptions don’t happen to often, and Icelandic ones that bring whole european fleets of planes down to earth is certainly a rare occurance. To Dublins delight it has however grounded the ever loved Hypnotic Brass Ensemble to our shores. Playing sold out gigs in Cork and Dublin, the band who were to play Coachella festival, brought some more brass cheer to the city yesterday. Firstly playing an impromptu busking session on Grafton street, followed by an afternoon gig in the GraftonLounge. After which they took to the Sugar Club stage, to treat a crowd of sunday gig goers, only too happy to part with €10 for this lively, hip-hop, brass infused ensemble.

If Volcanic ash causes more impromptu gigs like this, I am only too happy to ground all airlines(until Primavera at least).