Forty Foot Bicycle

April 8, 2010

Inspired by Gary Coyles exhibition in the RHA I took my little Gretel on a road to Dun Laoighre today. Gretels, my little vintage bicylette, Gary Coyles exhibition focus’s on the Forty Foot. Turns out the Forty Foot, Dun Laoighre, is only 40 minutes away by bicycle. You’ll have to forgive me, but I get quiet excited these days about bringing my dear gretel on outings.

You see gretel is only a little one speed, 40 year old bike, perfect for our relatively flat capital. Its more me than her that I don’t want to over exert…she’s quiet sturdy, my thighs are not.

A little man called Paul who has a love for vintage bikes, set me up with her. He might be able to set you up with a beautiful one too, if you’re nice to him. One has to commend anyone that spends their spare times recycling and servicing beautiful old bicycles getting more people, like myself, peddling!